Bomb Detection and Destruction (To Countries Other Than Turkey)

Bomb Detection and Destruction To Countries Other Than Turkey

We are solution partner with Elektroland Robotics for all your bomb detection and disposal needs

Elektroland was established in 1996 as an electronic PCB reapir and reverse engineering center.

Mechatronic Research and Development (R&D) is core function of Elektroland and plays a central role in the rapid development and validation of new products and underlying research for all of its protective equipment including Fire Fighting, Explosive Ordnace Disposal (EOD) and Improvised Explosive Device Disposal applications.

OUR INNOVATIONS Industry Focused Products!

TMR-II Tough

With up to 2 hours of uninterrupted operation time and 250 m wireless control area, it plays an active role in long-running and dangerous operations.


A smaller and lighter models of the TMR® Series robots are designed for fullfilling the needs of dangerous missions and inaccessible areas for specialists


All TMR® Series robots are man-portable together with removable 5 axis manipulator arm and remote controller for tactical mobile operations.


With an uninterrupted operation time up to 1 hours and a remote control area of 300 meters, it plays a key role in the dangerous and running operations.


With an uninterrupted operation time up to 3 hours and a remote control area of 100 meters, it plays a key role in the dangerous and running operations.


GAZELLE® is designed for placing and positioning of the explosives and shaped charges to the trapped areas such as car bomb, culverts, underground etc. and blasting of them remotelly via cable or wireless control.


NAT® Series Heavy duty remote operated vehicles are an explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and observation robot. Robust, reliable and flexible in use, the innovative bomb disposal provides a maximum safety and protectisystem on.

Land Bomb Detection and UAV Bomb Disposal Solution

Good quality military production materials and stress tests have made it possible to achieve a long service life, less risk of crush.

Mine Detector and Destruction

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