Military & Police Equipment

Military & Police Equipment

BMS Personal Equipment is brand of BMS Defence Technologies

BMS Personal Equipment is our high quality military products brand which also includes military backpacks and electronics for modern army. All products have NATO standartizations.

OUR INNOVATIONS Industry Focused Products!

Fully Equipped Military Belt - AS-001

Tactical and Bullet Proof Vest

Ballistic Equipment

Composite Bullet Proof Helmet 1
Composite Bullet Proof Helmet 2
Ballistic Protective Shield
Ballistic Protective Shield

Tactical / Outdoor Type Shoes


Through-rate: 100 vehicles / hour (typical)
Penetration power: 45 mm steel (typical), 25 mm (application)
Wire resolution: Ɵ 1.2 mm copper wire
Dose rate: public area <0.5µSv, Conform to IAEA standard
Film Safety Guarantee: ASA / ISO1600 Film
Power Consumption: Max 2KVA
Two standart 24" LCD monitors and one monitor console
X-ray Generator (dual energy)
X-ray source: 200KV./320KV.


Low-Light Security/Surveillance Cameras, High Resolution, Day/Night opeHelmet-Mount Camera for Night Vision, Compact and Low-Power, Low-Light Sensor for Night Vision, Star Light performance, Chargeable battery, Record images and videos, USB, HDMI, WiFiinterfaces, Integrated with Smart Glass, Hands-free operation, Live image / video view, Integrated micro-display technology, Engineered from Sensor to the Display, In-house sensor and micro-display design ration, Star Light performance, IP Network Camera, Various housing options, IP67 for outdoor usage, Engineered starting from the Sensor, In-house CMOS sensor development, Exceptional low-light performance

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