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We are solution partner with Geomatics Group for all your GIS Engineering needs

Geomatics Group is a technology company that is established in 1996 and has realised these business during the operating period :

  • Technologies oF GPS/GNSS satellite positioning,
  • Product of geographical information system,
  • Total Sitation measuring instruments,
  • Laser scanner of topographic and mobile,
  • GBS intelligent data acquisition device on mobile vehicle
  • Servicing of sales and service and engineering projects
  • Activities of geographical information system

Industry Focused Products!


  • Orthophoto Mapping, 3D Land & Building Modelling with Mapping Camera on the Multicopter
  • GIS, Mapping, Modelling with Mobile & Handheld Scanner with laser point cloud
  • Plan View Drawings
  • Building Information Management (BIM) Integration
  • As-built Documentation
  • Restoration
  • Local government: asset inventory and management,
    city models
  • Mining: construction, monitoring
  • Oil and Gas: site monitoring, asset tracking, change detection
  • Utilities: electrical, pipelines
  • Large scale mapping
  • Roads: condition surveys, visualization, maintenance
  • 360 degree panaromic imaging


  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Municipality Information System
  • Cemetery Information System Utility,
  • Electricity Distribution,
  • Water Distribution,
  • Natural Gas Distribution,
  • Telecommunication,
  • Land Management Systems

Soldier and Vehicle Tracking System

  • Handheld GPS with military application
  • Handheld radio
  • Vehicle radio
  • Command Control Center

Industrial Tablet and GPS Devices

10.1″ Tablet/GPS with Barcode

8’’ 10″ Tablet/GPS

7” Tablet/GPS

5” Tablet/GPS

  • Operations on the map base in the field
  • Visual and digital data collection from the field
  • Unity and soldier tracking, instant messaging
  • Helicopter obstacle warning system
  • Loading private and hidden base maps

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