Firearms and Ammunition (To Countries Other Than Turkey)

Firearms and Ammunition To Countries Other Than Turkey

We are solution partner with TURAC, MKE, STERLING, CANİK AS for all your ammunination needs

MKEK - Mechanical and Chemical Industry Company

STERLING High Quality Shot Shell - TURAÇ

CANİK Superior Handguns

In the pistol case, TP9 SFT Mete Series Pistols include;
  • The Pistol
  • 3 Magazines (1 on the pistol and 2 spares) with 1 Speed Loader
  • Large Size Backstrap
  • Micro Type Polymer Optic Interface
  • Standard Level 1 Holster
  • Cleaning Kit and User Manual.

TP series high quality polymer pistols which have been selected as the National Pistol by the Turkish Presidency of Defense

Industries in January 2018 to equip all Turkish military and law enforcement forces, including Special Forces and SWAT units.

Canik TP series pistols having proven themselves in combat with its accuracy, durability and reliability and have earned the title METE.

  • 13 separate buildings and production facilities
  • Built on a land of 440 acres and 10.000 square meters of closed area in Çankırı province,
  • General Directorate and Headquarters in Ankara and Office in Istanbul
  • 3 senior management, 22 white collar and 155 blue collar with a total number of 180 employees.

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