AEORAGARD VTOL 3800-H, also known as AYBARS V2, the product that BMS DEFENCE recently added to its inventory, provides a long and efficient flight experience compared to its competitors, thanks to its lightweight structure and hybrid operating mechanism. With a wingspan of 3.9 meters, this UAV can stay in the air for 7-8 hours in the VTOL option and approximately 11-12 hours in the runway option. This product, which was designed especially for patrolling the border regions, has been exported and is currently in use.

Takeoff VTOL
Wing Span 3.9 m
Body Lenght 2.26 m
Maximum Take-off Weight 35 Kg
Max. Payload 5 Kg
Propulsion System (V) 4xBrushless DC Motor
Propulsion System (H) 1X60 cc EFI Engine
Material Composite
Range / Data Link 25-100 Km (Optional)
Fuel Tank 10L (Optional 20L for Runway)
Flight Time VTOL: 7-8h / 2 Kg payload Runway: 11-12h / 2 Kg payload
Operational Range 80 Km/h
Maximum Speed 130 Km/h
Altitude MSL 13.000 ft
Ground Control Station (GCS) & RC Rugged Single & Dual Screen Windows GCS
Camera Dual Sensor Camera: 30x Zoom, 5 or 10 Km LRF 50 mm Lens Thermal (640x512 pixel)
Operating Temperature -20C to +60C