Fixed Wing (VTOL)

General Usage Purpose of Fixed Wing UAVs ;

The uses of these fixed-wing UAVs operating under the cloud concept are as follows:

  • Reconnaissance, surveillance and control on the border line, detection of border violations,
  • Detection and tracking essential targets (other UAV’s or any enemy element) and determining their coordinates.
  • Manual or autonomous patrol duties,
  • Gathering details about wide areas or enemy situation for long period
  • Identifying and mapping areas contaminated with chemicals,
  • City planning, 3D terrain modeling, orthophoto mapping and mapping,
  • Monitoring and damage detection of energy transmission lines.
  • Aerial control of disaster areas and damage assessment,
  • Supervision of agricultural activities such as irrigation of farmlands or detection of diseased plants

Aerogard VTOL 3800-H (AYBARS-1)

Aerogard VTOL 3900-H (AYBARS-2)

Aerogard VTOL 3500-E (GÖKTUG-V3

Aerogard VTOL 2500-E (BOZKUŞ -V2)