Kuzgun X6

Multi-purpose rotary wing KUZGUN X6 is user-friendly with its aerodynamic design and easy portability. It is suitable for day and night use with high resolution cameras.
It has been specially designed to meet all the needs of the user with the Camera, led light, magnetic carrier and sky magaphone that can be integrated on it.
It is successful in reconnaissance & surveillance, social incident response, bomb destruction and use as a patrol drone.

General Specifications

  • 1
    Max. Payload : 1-2 kg
  • 2
    Average 45 min. Flight Time
  • 3
    Aluminium + Composite Material
  • 4
    Aerodynamic Design
  • 5
    Approximate Weight 7-8 kg.
  • 6
    Ground Station or Tablet with 10 ’Display
  • 7
    Gimbal 30X, 36X, 40X (Optional)
  • 8
    Thermal Camera 640 Pixel
  • 9
    The photos taken by the UAV can be shown on the Google Earth with coordinates. Targets are determined with coordinates in these photos.
L.Nu Talent Subject Description-1
1 System Components - Platform (Quadcopter-Technical Specification)- Payload (Camera, Led lighting, Speaker, Carrier device)
2 Power / Supply Reinforcement Reinforcement with lithium basis battery
3 Maximum Altitude 3500 m
4 Performance Average Mission Altitude 2-200 m ( light and sound start to disperse after 200 m )
5 Average Continuous Term of Office -45 minutes with camera only -30 minutes on trilogy configuration duty( depending on payload)
6 Camera Optic Zoom 10x zoom, optional 18x / 30x zoom
7 Thermal Camera 640x512 pixel, (9 / 25 / 30) Hertz
8 Average Flight and Radius of Mission 5 Km (on the line of vision)
9 Target / Object Tracking Available
10 Target / Object Coordinate Determination Available, 3000 m (Manual)
11 Data and Telemetry Transfer (on the line of vision ) 5-8 km
12 Data , Telemetry and Flight Control ( beyond the line of vision ) Over the 10 km with 4.5/5G - LTE
13 Situation of image recording and processing - Record to ground station and camera real time - Facial Recognition, License Plate Reading
14 Usage on Jammer Setting Unaffected, Auto return home.(working on it)