The under-cloud concept unmanned aerial vehicle with a wingspan of 3.2 m is designed for reconnaissance and surveillance in civil and military situations.
The state-of-the-art technology product offers the opportunity to take uninterrupted shots day and night with its high-resolution camera systems.
GÖKTUĞ V2 has automatic and manual flight modes, thus providing great advantages to the user. In case of loss of connection, the unmanned aerial vehicle system will switch to safe home return mode.
It can be monitored and controlled simultaneously from the ground control station

Model VTOL V3200-E or V3200-H
Takeoff VTOL
Wing Span 3.2 m
Body Lenght 1.1 m
Maximum Takeoff Weight 23 Kg
Max Payload 5 Kg
Propulsion System (V) 1xBrushless DC Motor (V3200E) or 35 cc efi engine (V3200H)
Propulsion System (H) 4xBrushless DC Motor
Material Carbon fiber, glass fiber, kevlar, pvc, interlayer, etc.
Range /Data Link 70-100 Km
Flight Time 3h / 1 kg
Operational Range 85 Km/h
Maximum Speed 100 Km/h
Altitude MSL 3.000 m
Ground Control Station (GCS) & RC Rugged Single & Dual Screen Windows GCS
Camera Dual Sensor: 30x Zoom & 5 or 10 Km. LRF, Thermal 640X512 pixel with 50 mm lens
Max. Flight Altitude 3.000 m MSL
Use Environment -20 °C +55 °C; anti-light rain