-The under-cloud concept unmanned aerial vehicle with a wingspan of 3.5 m is specially designed for civil and military uses. It has the ability to operate effectively in the field with its air residence time of 4 hours.
With the state-of-the-art 30x optical zoom, dual sensor 5 km laser range finder, 640×512 pixel 50 mm thermal lens, reconnaissance and surveillance are carried out successfully day and night.
Dual Screen Windows ground control station UAV is controlled and simultaneous transfer of images and information from the UAV is received.

Takeoff VTOL
Wing Span 3.5 m
Body Lenght 1.9 m
Maximum Take-off Weight 30 Kg
Max. Payload 5 Kg (With Camera)
Propulsion System (V) 4xBrushless DC Motor
Propulsion System (H) 1xBrushless DC Motor
Material Composite
Range / Data Link 70-100 Km
Flight Time 4 Hours
Operational Range 70-100 Km/h
Maximum Speed 100 Km/h
Altitude MSL 11.000 ft
Ground Control Station (GCS) & RC Rugged Single & Dual Screen Windows GCS
Camera Dual Sensor: 30x Zoom & 5 or 10 Km. LRF, Thermal 640X512 pixel with 50 mm lens
Max. Flight Altitude 3.000 m MSL
Use Environment -20 °C +55 °C; anti-light rain