Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (fixed wing / VTOL / multicopter), Peripheral Units and Software R&D, Production, Sales, Export and Technical Services;

To provide services within the scope of ISO 9001: 2015 and TSE 12540, to provide appropriate service
NATO NCAGE Code (NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code): TK128
To comply with national and international laws and standards
Quality service and production
To provide personal security, facility security, and production permit conditions in accordance with national security policies.
Based on total quality management
Principled and principled management
Determining process risks and taking precautions
Economical use of time and material
To follow technology constantly
Gaining institutional quality and a privileged and reliable company image
To make sustainable activities that support the medium and long term goals and strategy of our organization in line with the vision and mission.
Customer happiness
Ensuring the participation and support of all personnel by complying with the happiness and social solidarity principles of the employees and increasing their motivation.

We are committed to implementing the applicable obligations required to develop and deliver practices to maintain the effectiveness of quality management.

Chairman of the Board

Bilal IŞIK



Our Certificates

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