Rotay Wing

General Usage Purpose of Rotary Wing (Multi Rotor) UAVs;

The uses of these rotary wing (multi rotor) UAVs operating under the cloud concept are as follows

  • Manual or autonomous patrol duties,
  • Reconnaissance, surveillance and control on the border line, detection of border violations,
  • Destroying handmade explosives without putting personnel at risk,
  • Ability to carry out close security and search and rescue missions, release life jackets from the air and make audible warnings, manage night search and rescue activities
  • It has the ability to drop mortar ammunition, rockets, tear gas or grenades when intervention is required in suspicious situations.
  • Detection and monitoring of migrant smuggling and trafficking,
  • Airborne spraying of identified diseased agricultural areas,
  • Monitoring, control and measurement of point and narrow zone mining sites,
  • Ensuring close safety of civil critical areas such as factories, petrochemical plants, granaries, rivers and reservoirs,

ERKIN T-100 tethered Drone

Multi-Rotor UAV AEROGARD Hexacopter -X6 (6 Motors)