SENCER with 2.4 m wingspan is a catapult and carries 3 kg of explosive.
Sencer Kamikaze, launched from the catapult, automatically turns to the coordinates received from the GPS and finds the target.
It can be used to destroy air and ground targets.

Model SENCER-1 2400 K
Take off Catapult
Material Composite
Wing Span 2.4 m
Body Lenght 1.20 m
Maximum Takeoff Weight 9 Kg
Payload (Explosive) 3 Kg
Propulsion System-Battery 1xBrushless DC Motor
Max. Operational Range 50-60 Km
Range /Data Link 50-60 Km
Flight Time 60 min
Operational Speed 110 Km / h
Maximum Speed 130 Km / h
Altitude MSL 6.000 ft
Ground Control Station Dual Screen Windows GCS
Cameras Mini HD 30X Zoom Day Cam. + 1.500 m LRF, OR 35 mm 640x512 Px. Thermal Cam. + 1.500 m LRF)
Target Types to Use
SENCER Assault UAV A-2400 Protected Critical Headquarters and Command Centers behind enemy contact lines, Enemy Fire Support Weapons and Positions, Enemy Air Defense and Radar Positions. Airports and critical logistics distribution points located in the enemy rear area. In the destruction of supply points, oil production areas and oil pipelines, Important targets that require rapid intervention and are likely to relocate, Assassination of enemy senior commanders and rulers.